Guidance Sessions

I am here to empower you with choice not fear you into more products and services.  I am not here to tell you what to do -rather provide you with options, choices and resources that align with your mind, heart and path.  In a session there is conversation and discussion of potential, opportunity and strategy. Together we discuss your current situation, surfacing patterns, fears, challenges, frustrations, hopes and desires.

I'd love to guide you out of the fog and relieve the stress of overwhelm.  Provide you with valid insight to trust your intution and feel confident in your decisions. Offer new perspective and solutions for challenging situations and relationships. Guide to success, empowered and free to be YOU.

My keen intuition and vision comes through in the problem solving and creative process (different to a medium who delivers messages from people on the other side). The more time we spend together the deeper we can go and expand upon previous sessions.

Together we reflect upon the factors at play gaining clarity in the process.  I am able to interpret and illuminate current, future and past influences for you to be prepared for opportunities, resolve stress and avoid probable or possible challenges. Strategy emerges for what is next for you, and how to proceed feeling centered and confident. I recommend books, resources, educational programs, vibrational essences and energy mists that will support you on your path.

If you have already read books, have reports or studied numerology then the capacity of a consultantion increases. (Bring them with you if you like). I can show you how you can work with them for yourself and family. The more you are aware of, the less I need to explain. My forte is to see the connection between what's on the page (the numbers), you and your life experience.  My passion and skill is in guiding you to use this insight to identify and transform challenge, heal the hurt and optimize your potential for a happier, healther, wealthier life.

A good investment in yourself and your future

You are paying for time, expertise and knowledge. Be assured that you’ll get your money’s worth in both the session and what unfolds after. For some it comes in the form of emotional harmony, piece of mind, reduced stress or cost savings. Others find long term relief and personal growth by redirecting funds for greater fulfilment.  Others experience more money that come through insight or action: More efficiency, feng shui alignment,  the "right" job,  promotion,better business, new opportunities or the opening and receptiveness to wealth in a different way.

One session might be all you need to get on track.  There may be times when it feels right to have regular sessions taking on more of a coaching flavour.  Monthly or quarterly sessions provide a lovely momentum for harmonious progress and to integrate growth and change.  Annually sets you (and your business) up for the year ahead. Align your home or business with the Feng Shui energy of the year or sync you and your business with a Numerology strategic plan.

Clients who choose to learn or already know Numerology and Astrology for themselves find sessions deepen their understanding and personalize application of what they know.  We often accomplish more in less time.

 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes   

3o minute sessions start as low as $65 - though you'll probably want more (smile)

Local in person - Long distance and International on computer or phone

Half & Full Day. I'll partner with you in the process of developing Vision, Identifying  Potential, Creative & Strategic planning aligned to you,  your family and work

See your life or business with a fresh perspective 

Get the timing right - Make confident decisions

What to expect

Inital sessions are predominantly Numerology and may include current pertaining astrological influence. Future sessions offer the opportunity not only to expand on the Numerology but to also include the insight and influence available through Western astrology or BaZi (Chinese Astrology often used in relation to Feng Shui). Rather than you picking defined "boxed sessions" I recommend what I believe will be of benefit and bring the appropriate resources and knowledge to meet your needs and current circumstance.  This means you have the advantage of one professional with a broad and deep spectrum of knowlege and years of practiced application. I work with many clients over years, giving us the definate advantage of trust, deepened relationship, cumulative and evolving growth.

The Essence of a Session.

I start with numerological calculations using your birth date to find your life path and personal timing cycle. The calculations provide me with a blueprint to read and use specific to your needs at the time. Including birthdate calculations of relations, work colleagues, family or friends gives us reference points to find right timing for effective action, understand differences and find the easiest way to resolve challenges. 

Essentially a session grounds my clients with understanding and acceptance for where they are and what is. We look at the elements and influences that make up the scenario.  We expand the picture with new perspective, ideas and possibility integrating the potential held in the numbers.  In the bigger picture we find solutions, direction and strategy.  A-ha moments and new peace of mind provide relief to stress, dissappointment and inner-conflict. Energy once consumed by worry and fear becomes available to fuel new choice and action. There is healing in awareness and energetic transformation.  My clients feel lighter and subsequently find life has more flow and ease.  Opportunities unfold, deeper understanding and insight bubbles up.

"There is no greater power for success and personal growth than our own awareness"      Deepak Chopra

My guidance can save you a whole lot of time, money, effort and frustration. Knowing the best approach to take and the right time to act can reduces a whole lot of unneccessary stress and significantly increase success.  If you are ready to move forward and have decided you want change let's get started with a session.  I am currently available for personal readings in Bolton, Ontario, Canada.  If you have a group or a store call me, with confirmed booking I might be able to come to you.  Computer and Phone provide good options for long-distance and International clients 

In the continuing journey of understanding and self-improvement, the session with Judy opened up new levels of awareness and linkages that help expand my understanding of self as well as helping to determine “why?” and to some level how to use this knowledge for personal development. The experience was reinforcing of information I had,  illuminating of things I didn’t know and inspiring of new avenues to develop.

 Nick Shepherd, President & CEO, EduVision Inc.

“During the session Judy listens with care and through conversation, amazingly hits on the very things about you and your life that need attention.   She is intuitively wise and clarifying. She helps you understand things that you are consumed by. Judy made me feel so refreshed and relieved, feeling stronger than I had in a very long time!” 

                                                 Alex, Mississauga, ON

 "I recently had a session with Judy and found it insightful to say the least! Her intuitive wisdom coupled with her knowledge of the influence of numerology in my life and business had my perspective shifting in amazing ways.  I actually felt the shifts in my mind and body as a new creativity flowed within me; the blocks and uncertainty I had melted away. The solutions just clicked into place.   My shoulders relaxed and a rhythm of excitement returned to my heart. 

I left feeling clear and focused full of new ideas and the anticipation of implementing them.  Judy definitely is gifted, intuitive and wise. If you are feeling stuck, confused, or are just seeking solutions for your life or business, I recommend Judy to help you transform the confusion into clarity! "    

  Lisa Molinelli  Caledon, ON.