IDD Momentum (Intentional Design and Development)

Pre-requiste - Intentional Design and Development How-to Program.

In groups we can evolve more rapidly because of the overall energy field.  The likelihood of positive results increases relative to the consciousness of the observer(s). In other words, connect with others like minded and dedicated to a regular practice of personal growth and transformation and your success rate increases. Add the energetic benefit of being in sync with  yourself and the planetary cycle of the new moon; witness and experience profound results.

  • Satisfaction and joy are yours as your dreams and desires move forward, develop and manifest into reality
  • Streamline your personal process with awareness of other ways
  • Learn language and focus 
  • Come together with others  and create  an inspired, happy life of purpose.

According to Dr. David Hawkins, from Quantum mechanics, the power of intention collapses the wave function from potential or possible to actual.