Introductory Seminars provide a taste of the powerful topics I teach.  Sit back and observe or interactively participate whatever feels comfortable to you.  There is nothing I love more than presenting a topic in a relaxed way that is both fun and informative. Experience enthusiasm and passion as I demonstrate with real situations bringing the subject to life. Expect to leave inspired with practical insight.

Numerology changed my life - The Numbers show us our Way

Numerology can give you the same advantages it gave me. Confidence to be ourselves rather than compromise to keep the peace. Insight and solutions for challenging relationships and ways to enhance and enjoy what we have.  Frustrated and dissolusioned things are taking so long - the numbers show us why.

I'll show you the practical advantages of this esoteric practice and how easy it is to use.  This introductory seminar provides a taste of Numerology and how we can use it for a better life. Come sit back and observe or actively participate. If you've read some books - ask me your questions. Offer up your birthdate for example.  I will demonstrate with real situations bringing the subject to life. Experience my passion and enthusiasm as I share this topic in a relaxed, fun and informative way. Be ready for the hour and a half to fly. Leave inspired with new practical insight, fascination and desire to learn more.

Intention - Energy for Health, Happiness & Success

Intention is behind every choice we make and everything we do.  It is the energy between the idea and the action. It's ours. It's free. So let's use it to have what we want. Work we love,  Great relationships, Health, Happiness, Success.   In our time together we will  explore: What intention looks like in our Daily lives and What it's doing for us right now. How we can use this available super-power to get better results. Ways to anchor intent. How we can reduce stress, gain clarity and move forward with less effort and more ease.