Reflective Writing and Conversations to Thrive is revealing and empowering.  A process and a skill that supports creative confidence. A useful art and talent that is a definite asset for life and business.

 Expand perspective, discover your truths to feel more confident, happier and clear

 This series provides a way to develop your muscles of discernment and appreciation.  To sharpen your vision and increase confidence in your choices and actions.  Taking time to reflect and discuss can mean more effective action, saving time, money, stress and effort. With expanded awareness and deeper understanding comes healing, clarity and empowerment.  You will be guided to recognize potential and possibility.  To see where to shift influence and energy to get different results.  This frequent practice is an invaluable way to discover your true motivations, make decision and integrate your values into your life and work easily.

Taking charge of your life doesn't require you taking power from anyone else. 

It does not mean having power over anyone else or being in complete control. 

It's about feeling centred in yourself and honing  your skill to discern what is in the best interest in the moment.

Each gathering will be organic and reflect the needs and nature of the group. We'll explore topics such as  Self-confidence -  To be free from judgement, criticism and doubt - Personal strengths. Providing your birth information at time of registration will offer the opportunity for nuggets of numerology and astrology insights. Each  reflective exercise will be brought to the next class for conversation and discovery. The brilliance of each participant will enrich the program. You are encouraged to share your reflection and experience to infuse discussion, illustrate for understanding and as an opportunity to apply our learning and creative ideas.

   3   consecutive 90 minutes classes - $99 prepaid package

Imagine what  this insight could do for you!

Wednesdays September 3, 10, 17  2014

10:30am - noon

TBA - Drop me a line and let me know of your interest