Your Business by Design

You are smart, creative and devoted to living your best life.  You have your own business, exploring or planning to. You have chosen to be an entrepreneur, holistic practitioner, solo professional, coach or therapist so you can do what you love and make a difference in doing so. You want to thrive and grow and help family and clients do the same.

How useful would it be to have unique and supportive insight, information and guidance to optimize your potential for success. A woman with insight and wisdom that could save you years of trial and error and thousands of dollars in unneccessary spending. I suspect  you'd prefer to thrive in the process of building your business rather than wait for the future. If you are a woman who wants to move forward with ease and grace, gather steady momentum and enjoy life-balance, you're in the right place.

A guide, a teacher , a personal and business development specialist, I use a unique combination of Numerology, Astrology and Feng Shui to help you tap into resources in addition to the physical.  As an intuitive I can distinctly tune into what's relavant to clear blocks and limitations and reveal usefuland optimize potential in yourself and your space.