Happy, healthy, empowered and confident is the core of a fulfilling life and successful business

Numerology, Astrology and Feng Shui are tools that help us

        • see the opportunity in the challenge and get to the root of the problem
        • increase trust in ourselves and our own inner-compass
        • know where and when to focus our energy and efforts
        • increase confidence and faith in the unfolding path
        • to get CLEAR and see where we're heading
        • find how to resolve conflict, confusion and struggle
        • have compassion and understanding for ourselves, others and influencing conditions
        • live with more grace and ease

   Refresh perspective                    Tap into potential            Flourish being Yourself

Feel better for the experience 

 Learn for yourself and family


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 Numerology and Astrology are helpful tools to reveal ours (and others) destiny, purpose, talent and character. They provide insight to expand our awareness of what's possible in our life, relationships and work. When we are exploring how to connect our life and heart's desire they are resources that provide clarity, direction and understanding. 

Feng Shui helps us diagnose the influences in our environment so we can design and adjust our space to support our intent.

Astrology, Numerology and Feng Shui can be used in planning and creation.

Clearing the challenge and focusing on the Opportunity we can achieve faster results with greater ease. We have the ability to create health, wealth and happiness true to us.

My name is Judy Onorato. I am pleased to meet you. 

I'm all about being real. Living an optimistic life. Making the best of where we are and creating what we can.  As you read through this website you will know if something piques your interest and if my offerings resonate with you. Personal guidance is personal and if you're like me you need to trust who you are working with. Feel free to send me an email, give me a call (647) 222 2889, pop into the store or see me in action at an event or seminar.

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