These classes are as fun and enlightening as they are practical and effective. They are designed to identify potential, develop self confidence, better communicate and express oneself authentically.They provide unique life skills and perspective that open doors to real success. Providing fascinating insight the esoteric arts and sciences help  us reduce tension and anxiety and increase enjoyment of life . They help us trust our intution and better cope with everchanging life and challenging relationships.  They offer practical ways to have health, wealth, happiness and Life-balance

  • Intro seminars offer a taste.  
  • In How-to classes learn how to do it for yourself, family or clients.
  • Enjoy stimulating conversation and foundation building recognition of what's true for you with Reflective writing.  
  • In relaxing Artistic Classes create meaningful pieces for yourself, to gift, or decorate and energize your home or studio.

Newsletters are a great way to stay connected and in-the-loop of what's happening

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I believe newsletters provide a great way to stay connected and a wonderful format for learning.  Bite size updates, pieces of wisdom and information offer an opportunity to build interest, develop understanding and see where the wisdom benefits our own lives and businesses.

 I write newsletters to inspire and encourage you to reflect and see what's true for you.  I invite you to read them

  • keep you posted of upcoming events and classes
  • to get to know me and my body of work and discover if it's for you 
  • to expand your awareness and deepen your understanding of what you've learned with me in the classroom, or read in books
  • Observe how the energies you read about are affecting you and your life.  
  • Reflect on your life, validate your awareness and trust your intuition
  • special promotions and opportunities

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You can come to me Confident in your choice

Well known for my knowledge and personal interpretation you can be assured that you will get neither an over inflated ego nor stagnant information. Everyday I learn, expand my awareness and deepen my understanding in some way.

"I wish I could plug a usb cable into your mind and download what you know.

OMG  you know so much!"

Sorry no usb ports in this head (haha) Our conversation illustrated my passion for learning and the cumulative result of years of inquiry. However in our conversation, consultation and in the classroom my vast knowledge and experience comes with me.  Your questions and sharing shape the delivery beyond the handouts and workbooks.